Coat Hook 01

  1. Coat Hook 01 is a simply functional piece, which focuses purely on the relationship between consumer, product and its intended purpose. Available either in a double pack or single pack, Coat Hook 01 comes with everything you need to assemble and secure it in place, with all hardware, instructions and even a pencil included.

    Coat Hook 01 is currently available in a limited edition ‘Naked’ run of oiled birch plywood.


    Please note Coat Hook 01 is a handmade and hand finished product made from natural materials, the final piece might differ from the images below. 


    Please proceed through to the checkout for delivery options – Collection/drop off available in the Leeds area.

    Coat Hook
    Product Options
    1Single Naked - Oiled Birch£12.000.00
    2Double Naked - Oiled Birch£22.000.00
    Delivery (Shipping Zones by Country)
    WeightZone 1
    0.00 £3.90
    Collection (Shipping Zones by Country)
    WeightZone 1
    0.00 £0.00
  2. IMG_9526
  3. IMG_9804
  4. pegboard
  5. with bag
  6. IMG_9811
  7. orange out of packaging
  8. orange and grey on wall
  9. orange on packaging